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Affordable Home Innovations

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15322 House Road #2
Hockley, Tx. 77447

We are a supplier of innovative and modern interior designing products in Hockley, Texas(TX) to beautify your residence and business. These inspired products are based on trends from the international market and can provide a beautiful update to any space at an affordable price.

We are a strong believer in superior innovation and deliver quality creations while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. Our 3D wall panels are a green product that utilize plant fibers to form a breathtaking product to provide a wow factor in any place used. Our glass stone mosaic tile products utilize variations of high quality glass, marble, and/or travertine.

We continue to offer top quality products to our customers. Our glass mosaic tile sheets utilize high quality glass that offers much clearer resolution and shimmering effects which leads to timeless beauty. Our marble and stone products provide an aesthetic allure sure to catch the eye of all. Our 3D wall covering panels for interior decoration can easily transform and modernize any room with an elegant touch.


Thanks for shopping with us!

Glass Stone Mosaic Tiles & 3D Wall Panels
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