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Glass & Stone Mosaic – Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Thin & linear glass stone mosaic backslash tiles as well as stone strips are merged to form a single sheet of glass stone mosaic tiles. And the output extends the limits of design and creativity. Both the glasses as well as stone elements are placed randomly all through the tile in various distinct color shades to achieve an eccentric arrangement of both the elements. Blended mosaic tile sheets offer unique depth and incline to achieve a better dramatic finesse. Just like mosaic sheets, these strips are also utilized for backsplashes, feature walls, showers as well as an edge in between porcelain, natural stones and ceramic tiles. These strips create a waterfall effect falling over a glossy rock, drowning in sparkling whitewater. Our stone tiles for kitchen & bathroom backsplashes are painted on the back, so in case you select any style you know for sure that these strips would maintain its color and vivacity for years. So, investments on any one of these samples selections would be far better and appealing decision. Just order for a few different selections and check which colors, 3d wall panels design as well as materials suits best for your home. Just feel free to contact us anytime. We have experts who handle all interior designing projects, including home renovation and remodeling.

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Glass Stone Mosaic Tiles & 3D Wall Panels
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