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Mosaic stone tiles
Stone Glass Mosaic

Blackout – Glass Mosaic Patterns Strip

Price : $3.75

Part Number LGS20-S
Retail Price: $6.99
Your Savings: $3.24
Your Price: $3.75

Blackout Glass Tile Mosaic Strip

Length 12 inches, Width 3.8 inches

Material : Glass + Stone

Blackout strip large close up

Blackout extra large angle view

Thin & linear Blackout glass mosaic strips are joined together to shape up a single sheet of Blackout glass mosaic tile. And the end-result widens the confines of design and vision. These Glass tile mosaic strips are what you’ve been seeking for; when for you style-contrast is a main concern in bathrooms, kitchens and even for the exteriors.

Blackout Glass Tile Mosaic Sheet

Utilized for shower-inlays, back-splashes as well as any upright application, our glass mosaic tile strips, sheets & backslash tiles offer an enigmatic way to carry out subtle artistry, style contrasts, prominent focal points as well as high-performing realism for your home renovation and redesign.

Mosaic stone tiles

These prominent glass mosaic tile strips offer both a high-end and an everlasting look to any bathroom, kitchen or any of our decorated drawing rooms. Extensively used to transform walls and floors as a 3d wall decor, these Glass mosaic tile strips generate an awesome focal-point as well as hued variation of colors.

Using our Blackout Glass Tile mosaic strips as a backsplash will undeniably add color as well as style to your drawing room and kitchen decor at your home. It will even offer it a more vibrant appearance.

Mosaic stone tiles

Why opt for Blackout Glass Tile Mosaic Strips?

  • To avail benefits from exclusive and matching colors, textures and patterns which brings out the finest in any of the space.
  • To achieve an interior-design aspect which equally serves as a valuable focal-point or a subtle intonation piece in whatsoever space you desire.
  • To gain a way to carve out the illustrational value in your interior decoration, that includes various types of other wall mosaic strips.
  • To gain benefits from surfaces which are being designed innately and are meant to be extremely durable and hence designed-to-last.
  • To craft out an inimitable visual appeal by utilizing resources that have been put-in-use in the similar way since the beginning of the civilization.

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