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3d wall panel
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3D Bamboo Wall Panels

Price : $64.99

Bring your walls to life with our decorative 3D wall panels & wall decor. Choose from wide range of 3D wall coverings at Affordable Home Innovations.

3D Bamboo Wall Panels

  • Size 500mm X 500mm
  • 19.6 inches X 19.6 inches
  • 12 pieces in one carton covers 32 sq/ft
  • Part Number W3D5015
  • Retail Price: $138.99
  • Your Savings: $74
    Your Price: $64.99

3D Bamboo Wall Panels

  • Size 500mm X 500mm
  • 19.6 inches X 19.6 inches
  • 12 pieces in one carton covers 32 sq/ft

3D Wall Coverings

These panels are finished by molding bamboo-pulp into an array of designs, to generate an

Glass Backsplashimpact on the ceilings, walls or wherever your creativity leads to. Obtained from bamboo pulp, these 3D wall panels are an artistic and environmental friendly substitute to renovate or decorate your house. These are easy to install, flexible and lightweight.

How come the material is so unique?

  • Bamboo pulp: Natural material.
  • Ability to mix effectively and spin with nonstop 3D patterns.
  • Easy application.
  • Modular product.
  • Well acquainted with wall paint.
  • Water repellent, flame retardant.
  • Natural feel and look.

3D wall art

We create our styles with design thought given to dimensional outline and its relative effect on color as well as light. These bamboo molded panels will set your home atmosphere as well as your mood, from subtle to dramatic. These panels can be fitted upon nearly all surfaces via appropriate adhesives. The fixation task could be carried out onsite or panels could be manufactured first in the workshop and after that installed onsite.

After it’s mounted, these panels can either be in the usual off-white finish or instead can be prepared to generate an infinite monolithic effect by applying a sealer/undercoat or a gap-filler in between panels and after that paint of your preference is applied via brush, spray or a roller. These bamboo molded panels would surely create a dazzling effect within your residential, commercial or hospitality project.3D wall art

Bamboo 3D Textured Wall panels provide each wall of your home or exterior an inimitable quality of its own. These wallpaper panels are quite easy to install and feel reminiscent of hardboard. Such attractive wall panel designs can be expanded in any direction and can be refined in any of your favorite color.

Water repellent and Flame retardant, these Bamboo 3D Textured Wall panels are perfect for restaurants, shops, lobbies, offices as well as living room and entry way of your home. The fitting modular design and its easier application mark them appropriate both for the amateur and the professional installer – likewise.

3D wall art

3d wall panel

Glass Backsplash


Bamboo Wall Panel – Installation Guide:

  • Clean the surface you are installing the panels on
  • Plan your design. Measure and mark the area of installation
  • Start working from the top corner.
  • Apply glue on wall and panel (fast bonding spraying glue or contact cement recommended)
  • Stick panels on the wall. Use pins or apply pressure on four corners and edges of the panel
  • Apply primer coat
  • Fill any gaps with paintable caulking
  • Apply final coat of paint

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